Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back in Business

     Well After dealing with Cuisinart for the last time,  I was able to track down the retailer of the blender that exploded on me and was able to return it for store credit.  No, it wasn't Target or best Buy; their customer service is terrible, it was Macy's!  They treated me like a celebrity, even though I showed up scruffy and didn't reek of money. 
     They took care of everything and hooked me up with stackable discounts on top of my store credit I received for that Cuisinart Blender.  So what did I get with the credit?:

Why, The Ninja Kitchen System of course!

     I got the 1100 Kitchen System and so far I like it; and I've been using it for a while before boasting about it.  I'd hate to brag about how good it is and then have it burn up on me.  The only blender I've liked better than this is the Blendtec.  Since this blender does liquids and more solid concoctions like dough, I plan on delving into a little more than just the traditional smoothie in the near future. 

Stay Tuned!

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