Friday, March 25, 2011

Breakfast, for Dinner

  Well technically, supper; considering I already had dinner.  A bit thirsty, not in the mood for water, and feeling the need to have a yellow orange product on my page, I ventured into the kitchen with smoothies on my mind.  First thing I noticed as I walk into the kitchen was a fruit bowl off to the side loaded with bananas.  Yellow it is.  I grabbed two medium sized ones and planned my attack.

Tools Required:

Your recipe should you choose to accept it:

  • 4 oz Reduced Fat Milk
  • 4 oz Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt (more protein per serving)
  • 2 Medium Bananas (apx 8 oz each)
  • 8 oz frozen diced mangos
  • 1 Table Spoon of vanilla  (best vanilla I've ever used)
Yields 32 oz. 

  Toss everything in the blender and mix well.  The consistency will be thick and creamy, so you may need to pause periodically to push the fruit down toward the blades (make sure the blades come to a complete stop before attempting this).  While the finished product is more of an off-white than the yellow I desired, I am indeed please with the result.  The texture is a perfect blend of smooth, thick, and creamy, with a flavor that nowhere matches the color of the concoction.  The blended mangoes pack quite a punch, while the sweetness of banana leaves nothing to be desired from added sweeteners.


  1. nice, i think I'm going to make a smoothie now, i might try freezing the bananas first.

  2. This is great. Will try it out.

    Thanks for the follow, by the way!

  3. Im gona try this as soon as i get some mangos and the vanilla. thanks!

  4. I'm gonna make this one tomorrow! So nice, really. Thanks!

    Seems healty and sooooo dilicious.

  5. The vanilla is pretty amazing. Soon you'll be finding yourself pouring it into everything from cola to pancake mix. I think I even added it to some orange juice once. Saved me a trip to the mall for an Orange Julius. Do they still have Orange Julius at malls? I think I may have just dated myself :/