Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ice Cream Doesn't Have to be Just Ice Cream


=   :)

Some folk are Ben and Jerry folk.  Some, Häagen-Dazs.  I, on the other hand, am Ice Cream folk.  I'd rather have a Bucket of ice cream for the same price others will pay for what I consider a mere serving.  Currently residing on one whole shelf within my freezer is an unknown amass of ice cream contained within a bucket.  That's right, not only do I have plenty of ice cream to last me a week or so, but when I consume it all I am rewarded with a handy bucket to aid me with my every day chores.  How big is this bucket you ask?  Large enough that it needs a handle.  Perhaps it only contains 1 gallon of ice cream,  but if I remember correctly it can handle 5.  then again 5 seems a bit much so I guess I'll go and see....
      (returns with bucket of ice cream) 5 quarts.  That's 4 more quarts than a standard quart of ice cream can handle.  But what about the flavor you ask?  It's simply amazining.  Sure the variety is limited; there is no Husky Ape, or Cherry Gonzales, or what have you, but to be honest all you really need is the blank canvas known as vanilla.  Currently (well up until 5 minutes ago when I had the last bite) I am sporting Cookies and Cream modified with Chocolate Wine.  I didn't even  know chocolate wine existed until last month.  To be honest, I do not like it as much as a straight desert wine, as I do a desert.  Blending in an ounce or so of chocolate wine into a serving of cookies and cream is marvelous.
     I wouldn't recommend an electronic blender if you prefer to keep your cookie pieces intact.  Now that it is clear I must replenish my  ice cream supply, I must either return to the store and purchase another Party Pail,  or perhaps I will simply purchase some cream and make my own via an Electronic Automatic Ice-Cream Maker I got for free from a neighbor who never used it.  Can you imagine,  owning a device that CREATES ice cream and never using it!?  I have churned icecream by hand in the middle of 110 degree summer heat and I cannot wait to try out this automated device.  When the process is completed I'll have an empty bucket to place my ice cream into.  Sometimes life just works out.


  1. you made me go to the shop and buy some candy..

  2. Christ, sometimes i wan't to kill my self since i have developed Lactose intolerance...

    The best things in life are made of milk, butter and other dairy food. CHEEESE :'(

  3. Tell me about it :( I think I've been lactose intolerant since I was in high school but it was chalked up to be nerves. Now that I've got it all figured out I take supplements and it helps. Now my body is starting to reject spicy food and alcohol. I think God must be testing me :P

    ~H. Coct

  4. dude that shit sounds delicious! Love your smoothie recipes, now I want one