Saturday, March 26, 2011

Concocting Concoctions like a Pro

     Perhaps some have noticed, but so far none of my concoctions involve ice.  One might think that ice is a necessary staple for any chilly blended dessert, but I disagree.  Sure ice may grant instant gratification, but what if you cannot finish your beverage in one sitting?  How it must feel to return to your concoction only to gag in dismay at the horrid taste of watered down mush.  This is why many of my recipes utilize frozen fruit.  this serves two purposes,  keeping consistency and texture to a maximum, while preventing watered down flavor.  It also serves a third purpose that may go unseen to some wielders of the blender: freezer conservation.  
     Personally, I do not have a lot of room in my freezer.  As much as I'd love a fat bucket always loaded with ice, I instead have meat, ice cream, vodka, or some other  food staple taking up space.  I don't think I've had an ice cube in my freezer in the last two to three years.   This will have to change; however, as I have a recipe in mind for an upcoming post that will require significant amounts of ice.   regardless, I tend to keep frozen fruit in my freezer rather than ice cubes, so when things start to look bleak for my fruit-bowl, into the freezer its contents go.  Gotta love damn-near alcoholic, peeled,  frozen bananas!


  1. I'm glad you mentioned peeled there. I tried putting a banana in the freezer for a smoothie, and discovered they do in fact need peeling prior to freezing.

  2. I've been there before. It can definitely be a messy mistake that one only has to make once in order to learn that lesson :)I used to keep my frozen banana pieces in an empty one quart ice cream container. the bananas crystallized a bit, but the taste wasn't diminished by much, if at all.

  3. I should really try this. It sure as hell would treat my stomach better than scotch.